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We are always excited at the prospect of new students joining our ranks of higher learners. Our application process, although stringent, enables us to accurately assess your capabilities as a candidate and offer you a valued seat in our halls of learning.

About Our University

AAUCA is a leading international university located in the heart of Africa, in Equatorial Guinea. At AAUCA, we don’t believe in limitations, only in the success that brings hard work, determination and persistance. 

We help our students identify this potential within themselves and challenge them to explore the endless possibilities that accompany academic learning.

We understand the impact that higher education can have on one’s self-development as well as the large-scale effect it can have on national growth.

AAUCA is based on three fundamental pillars

1. Promoting universality and the exercise of teamwork

AAUCA will open its doors offering a Preparatory Year (AP) which will prepare the first cohort. One of the main objectives of the one-year AP program is to help students understand the major paradigms related to access to higher education and prepare them to an education in three languages (Spanish, French, English). In addition to mastering trilingualism, the AP will reinforce the general skills of learners (basic mathematics, interpretation of texts, writing of reports, critical thinking and introduction to research, history, culture, development of scientific reasoning and skills computer science, remote sensing, introduction to remote sensing and digital cartography, GIS, etc.); remedial classes are organized for students who need them.

2. The application of the L-M-D System

 License – Master – Doctorate in accordance with the CEMAC policy and the CAMES standards.

3. Promote the Training - Research - Development policy

in addition to face-to-face or online lectures, the focus will be on introducing innovative entrepreneurship. The University Council will ensure the research themes of the MSc dissertations and / or Ph.D. dissertations are inspired by the approach of the Man and the Biosphere Program (MAB) and its Global Network of biosphere reserves as “learning and experimentation laboratories for sustainable development” for learners.

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Take a tour of the Afro-American University of Central Africa and you will find the best university in the state. The video will take you to every places in this university.

Equatorial Guinea
The University
Mission, Vision, Values

Today Africa. Tomorrow the World.

AAUCA, located in the heart of Equatorial Guinea (EG), contributes significantly to the social, scientific and technological progress of the nation and seeks, through academic excellence, to play a crucial role in the development of Equatorial Guinea, Africa and the world.

AAUCA assists in the development of the industrial and technological sectors, educates future leaders and catalyzes the diversification of the economy in Equatorial Guinea. We believe that education is the pursuit that will lead EG to new horizons; further developing ourselves, our students and our society as a whole.

Why Choose Afro-American University of Central Africa?

Promote a new generation of multidisciplinary specialists and talents and equip them for the future by fostering an innovative entrepreneurial spirit among young learners; in short, “think outside the box” in terms of training.

And this is how AAUCA started.

In its effort for sustainable socio-economic development, notably through the moderni-zation and diversification of its economy with a view to emergence in 2020, the Gov-ernment of Equatorial Guinea attaches particular importance to the development of hu-man resources. This is especially true as the education system faces enormous challeng-es at all levels. It is in this context that the Afro-American University of Central African University (AAUCA) was created in 2015 in accordance with Article 5 of the General Education Act, in order to respect the State’s commitment to train and integrate Equato-rial-Guineans in the world of work, professionals of sufficient quality and in adequacy with the needs of the economy of the country.
The state of Equatorial Guinea, which has already made a massive investment in terms of infrastructure and equipment for AAUCA, intends to make this University a magnet for talent, both regionally and internationally, in the fields of education, training and scientific and technological research in cooperation with UNESCO for the commission-ing and development of AAUCA.

The following eight faculties will be progressively set up:

Faculty of Engineering;
Faculty of Education Sciences;
Faculty of Agro-Industrial and Veterinary Sciences;
Faculty of Natural Sciences;
Faculty of Economics and Commerce;
Faculty of Marine Sciences and the Environment;
Faculty of Architecture
Faculty of Medicine and Biology.

Leading by Example.

AAUCA’s mission is to strengthen the internationalization of the national university system by attracting talent in the fields of education, research and innovation, thus promoting collaboration of students, teachers, researchers and experts from different fields disciplines to forge Equatorial-Guinean and African societies of the future.

AAUCA’s vision is to promote Pan-Africanism and make Equatorial Guinea the gateway to Central Africa and therefore the African continent through the integration of students, professors and international researchers.

The aim is to encourage the development of new academic profiles in higher education to train skilled professionals involved in national and regional development.

AAUCA = Knowledge hub & talent attraction pole at regional and international level.

Preparatory Year


AAUCA will open its doors in September 2019 welcoming its first cohort to a Preparatory Year (AP) which spans over the course of 12 months. The main objectives for the AP are:

– to help students understand the main issues related to access to higher education
– emphasis will be placed on mastery of the three languages: Spanish – French – English and on basic sciences and critical thinking and scientific culture







Successful completion of the AP gives access to the License, and therefore the “first floor” of the L-M-D System (License – Master – Doctorate). AAUCA offers eight Faculties:

– Faculty of Engineering;
– Faculty of Education Sciences;
– Faculty of Agro-Industrial and Veterinary Sciences;
– Faculty of Natural Sciences;
– Faculty of Economics and Commerce;
– Faculty of Marine Sciences and the Environment;
– Faculty of Architecture;
– Faculty of Medicine and Biology.



Graduated & Professional


Post-graduate level (Master and PhD):

4 Semesters (Master Pro vs. Master Research leading to PhD).
The first two semesters at AAUCA: devoted to the teaching of basic skills, called Transversales;
The 3rd Semester devoted to specific skills (“in situ” at AAUCA or in one of AAUCA’s regional strategic partner institutions, depending on the theme chosen;
The 4th Semester devoted to the Field Training / Drafting of the Memoir under the aegis of AAUCA and Regional Partners Institutions, if applicable(co-degree)

3 years, maximum: 4 years max.


AAUCA will help us position our country better in the world


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